Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Roger federer feels that he is perfect now.After he met soderling and won him in the men's singles in the wimbledon on monday Roger admitted that he is perfect now.Having endured a lean period from midlle of 2008 to early this year, when he just won the US Open and Olympic doubles gold and lost to Rafael Nadal at the French and then here at Wimbledon, but now he said he feels best.He has regained his form.Its just the case of being relaxed on the court and to concentrate properly.

He said"When you play with a player like soderling whom you have beaten for ten times in the past,its shoots in the mind,all the information are stored somewhere".When it comes to tiebreaks You play them according how you played the sets,where to serve and where he wil serve all the information must be analysed.When it was 4-4 i knew that soderling will take chances.It was going to be harder for him to keep serving those big second serves when they really mattered, that's why I was not surprised when he made a double fault.No wonder federer has 14 Grand Slam titles to his name.

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