Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Future of Cricket : ICC Cheif David Morgan suggest four day cricket

ICC Chief David Morgan has suggested that with the advent of T20 and some lucrative tournaments like IPL the craze for Test Cricket the oldest form of the game is getting drastically reduced.So in a attempt to big back the craze for T20 David Morgan the five day Test match are going to be reduced to four day games.

David Morgan said the other great enhancement for the Test Cricket is that people will get a chance to witness Day Night games.He admitted that this mainly done to attract the crowds.He also said that ICC has come with a new proposal called the two tier architecture in cricket which means that the teams will be split in to 2 halves.All the strong teams will be in one end competing with each other and the weak teams in the other end.The teams which win in this groups then will compete with each other.

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