Friday, July 3, 2009

Captain Kumar Sangakkara has a uphill task ahead of Paskitan series

Kumar Sangakkara has a big test as a captain.He has to lead a relatively in experienced side and to add to his woes Murali is not in the playing eleven.Since Srilanka are a very good players of spin Mendis cannot be a huge factor and we have to see how far Sangakkara can sustain and get his team in to the right track.

Sangakkara looks to be very optimistic and he says that he has enough experience from Jayawardene the former captain of Srilanka.Sangakkara was little worried that thye would miss the spin wizard Murali but they need to accept that since he had an injury.

Imran Nazir cleared to play for Pakistan

Pakistan cricketer Imran Nazir has been pardoned by the Pakistan Cricket Board after he wrote a apology letter and submitted that to the head of the PCB.Imran Nazir is aged 27 right now and he is expected to return to the ODI series against SriLanka which starts by the end of this month that is on July 30th.

Imran Nazir has cut all his tie with the rebel ICL and now he is waiting for a place against the SriLankans.He is still keeping his fingers crossed over the inclusion of his place in the side since h was avoided for the T20 World Cup as well as the Srilankan Test Series,but his only hopes is that he has submitted a written apology letter which might save him

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Graeme Smith recieves the Test Cricketer of the year award

Graeme Smith for his consistent performance receives the South African Best Test Cricketer of the year award.This is a big achievement for the South African Captain.This is mainly because of the phenomenal performance of Smith and as a captain he has won both the oversees tournament one against the Australians and the other against the England.This kind of performance has never happened before.

Graeme Smith appears to be the best captain that the South African team has got and he seems to take the team in the right track with already they are the number one team in the Test and the ODI ICC rankings.

BCCI finalise venues for Australia ODI series in India

BCCI had to sit and have a long meeting in Mumbai to finalise the schedule for the Australia's tour of India by the end of this year.Still they have not confirmed the dates,mainly due to the security concerns.As of now only the venues for the matches between India and Australia have been confirmed.The Mumbai terror attack which took place sometime back is the main concern for the delay of announcement in the venues.

2) Delhi
4) Mohali
6)Hyderabad and
7) Nagpur

This order does not mean that first match will take place in Guwahati and second in delay so on.This just the names of the venues.The schedule will be released ver soon.All the best Team India do well !!!

Future of Cricket : ICC Cheif David Morgan suggest four day cricket

ICC Chief David Morgan has suggested that with the advent of T20 and some lucrative tournaments like IPL the craze for Test Cricket the oldest form of the game is getting drastically reduced.So in a attempt to big back the craze for T20 David Morgan the five day Test match are going to be reduced to four day games.

David Morgan said the other great enhancement for the Test Cricket is that people will get a chance to witness Day Night games.He admitted that this mainly done to attract the crowds.He also said that ICC has come with a new proposal called the two tier architecture in cricket which means that the teams will be split in to 2 halves.All the strong teams will be in one end competing with each other and the weak teams in the other end.The teams which win in this groups then will compete with each other.