Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Roger federer feels that he is perfect now.After he met soderling and won him in the men's singles in the wimbledon on monday Roger admitted that he is perfect now.Having endured a lean period from midlle of 2008 to early this year, when he just won the US Open and Olympic doubles gold and lost to Rafael Nadal at the French and then here at Wimbledon, but now he said he feels best.He has regained his form.Its just the case of being relaxed on the court and to concentrate properly.

He said"When you play with a player like soderling whom you have beaten for ten times in the past,its shoots in the mind,all the information are stored somewhere".When it comes to tiebreaks You play them according how you played the sets,where to serve and where he wil serve all the information must be analysed.When it was 4-4 i knew that soderling will take chances.It was going to be harder for him to keep serving those big second serves when they really mattered, that's why I was not surprised when he made a double fault.No wonder federer has 14 Grand Slam titles to his name.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Ana Ivanovic would have had worst days days in her life but nothing could have been worse than this.Ana was up against Venus Williams in the fourth round match on monday.Ana entered the court with a small bandage on her knee while venus had a big one oin her knee but at the end it was ana who was injured badly and had to leave the court with tears.

Venus got hold of the initiall set with lead of 6-1.Ana was able to brake the powerfull serves which were given by venus but she was not able to withstand the game.She commited mistakes at the wrong timne in the game which made Venus take charge of the game .During the second set Ana served a powerful ace and got the first point in the second set.Then she called for the trainer and had a ten minutes treatment after that she returned back but was able to fetch only one point soon after she walked back with tears,She was not able to carry on playing with the injury.Venus Williams was declared winner.


Karlovic knows what other people say about him that he has just one shot – his serve. This tournament, Croat has served 102 aces and Andy Roddick the other one with a big serve has hit 72. In the French Open this year Karlovic sets the record for most aces in a single match that is 55 against Hewitt in a game which he had lost.

Karlovic is very tall at 6'10' and his fastest serve has been recorded 153mph at this rate no matter who it is even roger federer cannot take him on.He doesnt play much of volleys because he gains points with his aces.nobody could not take his serve this year in wimbleon.On grass he can be impossible to play,.he was the only one from 1965 to beat a wimbledon champion on the opening day.but between 2005-2008 he did not win even a single match at all england cup.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sports Blog

Hi I had an intention to start this blog for unix but I thought it would be better if I could make this blog in to a sports blog.Finally that day has come and now a blog which was first started to share tech knowledge has know got in to the World of Sports.Here we will discuss about all the sports right from Cricket,Tennis,Rugby,Football,Hockey,Chess,Racing ans what not.I woluld like to call this blog as Sporting Centre.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hi guys first il post some unix interview questions with solutions it wil be very useful..wil keep updating...keep rockin guys..

  1. What is Tee?

The command reads the standard input and sends it to the standard output while redirecting a copy of whatit has read tothe file specified by the user.

2.What does the command “$ls wc –l > file1” do?

ls becomes the input to wc which counts the number of lines it receives as input and instead ofdisplayingthis count , the value is stored in file1.

3. Write a command to display a file’s contents in various formats?

$od -cbd file_name
c - character, b - binary (octal), d-decimal, od=Octal Dump

4.How many prompts are available in a UNIX system?

Two prompts, PS1 (Primary Prompt), PS2 (Secondary Prompt). are available in unix..

5.What are shell variables?

Shell variables are special variables, a name-value pair created and maintained by the shell.
Example: PATH, HOME, MAIL and TERM

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Hi guys im workin in unix platform and i love unix so i would like to share my views and information about unix out here...unix is the most powerful platform which has been used by many companies...i would like to post al materials and information about unix,solaris,hp-ux,perl etc...lot of scenarios and problems which are been handled in companies wil also be discussed out here and solutions wil be given..hope everyone wil benifit from this....enjoy unix and keep rockin guys...