Monday, June 29, 2009


Karlovic knows what other people say about him that he has just one shot – his serve. This tournament, Croat has served 102 aces and Andy Roddick the other one with a big serve has hit 72. In the French Open this year Karlovic sets the record for most aces in a single match that is 55 against Hewitt in a game which he had lost.

Karlovic is very tall at 6'10' and his fastest serve has been recorded 153mph at this rate no matter who it is even roger federer cannot take him on.He doesnt play much of volleys because he gains points with his aces.nobody could not take his serve this year in wimbleon.On grass he can be impossible to play,.he was the only one from 1965 to beat a wimbledon champion on the opening day.but between 2005-2008 he did not win even a single match at all england cup.

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