Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hi guys first il post some unix interview questions with solutions it wil be very useful..wil keep updating...keep rockin guys..

  1. What is Tee?

The command reads the standard input and sends it to the standard output while redirecting a copy of whatit has read tothe file specified by the user.

2.What does the command “$ls wc –l > file1” do?

ls becomes the input to wc which counts the number of lines it receives as input and instead ofdisplayingthis count , the value is stored in file1.

3. Write a command to display a file’s contents in various formats?

$od -cbd file_name
c - character, b - binary (octal), d-decimal, od=Octal Dump

4.How many prompts are available in a UNIX system?

Two prompts, PS1 (Primary Prompt), PS2 (Secondary Prompt). are available in unix..

5.What are shell variables?

Shell variables are special variables, a name-value pair created and maintained by the shell.
Example: PATH, HOME, MAIL and TERM

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