Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The star of Bollywood industry Sharukh Khan has clarified everything that happened in the airport. After his return he addressed the media persons and Khan said that he was asked bizarre questions by the airport officials. He said’ I don’t want publicity but routine procedure was not followed out there’. People should not be treated on the basis of color and nationality. Khan said that he felt that the airport officials went a little overboard. The also added saying that the questions which were thrown at him made him feel bad.

Rubbishing the reports that he was trying to promote his upcoming movie 'My Name is Khan', he said, 'I hate people who invoke religious issues for their own gain’. I don’t need publicity for my upcoming movie’ My Name Is Khan’. I am a big star too and i don’t need to publicize in these kinds of ways. The incident will not prevent me from visiting U.S again. Khan was detained for about two hours in the airport. Khan was released after Congress MP Rajiv Shukla spoke to the authorities in the US.

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